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Why Flexibility is Important

Making decisions isn’t always easy. Of course, decision making is an important part of anything you do in life. However, when making decisions, for your home, landscaping, or other areas of your life, it is important to also be flexible with your decision. 


Taking a flexible or reversible position when there is uncertainty allows you the opportunity for changing the course of action over time. Even if the ultimate goal is still the same, the actions that get to that goal can change. 

Why is it Important to be flexible in your decisions? Well, here are a few reasons it is okay to be flexible when making big decisions:

#1. There is Less Disappointment

It can be disappointing to be set in stone on something and it not be able to happen. For example, if you want a fountain put into your backyard, but you can’t put it in the exact location you want, it can be disappointing. But, if you are flexible about where it can be put, the end result is you still get a fountain. 

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#2. There’s Room to Improve

Maybe the idea you had in your mind isn’t the best idea. You might see this amazing landscaping, with fountains, trees, and tropical flowers, but what if it could be even better than you imagined? When you leave room for flexibility, there is always room to improve upon your idea. You can choose different flowers that will bloom all season, pick a better fountain, or improve your end goal. 


#3. It’s Less Stressful

Let’s face it, we all have enough stress in our lives. When we leave room for flexibility or allow someone else to help us make a decision, it takes a lot of the stress off. If you are trying to get the perfect looking yard for a party you are having in two weeks, but it’s going to take 2 weeks to deliver a certain material, this can make it stressful. But, if you are flexible and choose a different material, you won’t have to stress about the wait. 

#4. It Helps Your Home Life

Being flexible also leaves room for others to have an opinion. If you make all the decisions set in stone, then others may feel left out, angry, or resentful. If you allow your family to help you make decisions for the household, everyone is happy because everyone has been able to have an input. 


Are you a flexible person when it comes to making decisions? Share the types of things you could be more flexible with in life in the comments below. We would love to know! 

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