Why Flexibility is Important

Making decisions isn’t always easy. Of course, decision making is an important part of anything you do in life. However, when making decisions, for your home, landscaping, or other areas of your life, it is important to also be flexible with your decision. 


Taking a flexible or reversible position when there is uncertainty allows you the opportunity for changing the course of action over time. Even if the ultimate goal is still the same, the actions that get to that goal can change. 

Why is it Important to be flexible in your decisions? Well, here are a few reasons it is okay to be flexible when making big decisions:

#1. There is Less Disappointment

It can be disappointing to be set in stone on something and it not be able to happen. For example, if you want a fountain put into your backyard, but you can’t put it in the exact location you want, it can be disappointing. But, if you are flexible about where it can be put, the end result is you still get a fountain. 

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#2. There’s Room to Improve

Maybe the idea you had in your mind isn’t the best idea. You might see this amazing landscaping, with fountains, trees, and tropical flowers, but what if it could be even better than you imagined? When you leave room for flexibility, there is always room to improve upon your idea. You can choose different flowers that will bloom all season, pick a better fountain, or improve your end goal. 


#3. It’s Less Stressful

Let’s face it, we all have enough stress in our lives. When we leave room for flexibility or allow someone else to help us make a decision, it takes a lot of the stress off. If you are trying to get the perfect looking yard for a party you are having in two weeks, but it’s going to take 2 weeks to deliver a certain material, this can make it stressful. But, if you are flexible and choose a different material, you won’t have to stress about the wait. 

#4. It Helps Your Home Life

Being flexible also leaves room for others to have an opinion. If you make all the decisions set in stone, then others may feel left out, angry, or resentful. If you allow your family to help you make decisions for the household, everyone is happy because everyone has been able to have an input. 


Are you a flexible person when it comes to making decisions? Share the types of things you could be more flexible with in life in the comments below. We would love to know! 

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What Teamwork Looks Like Within Our Company + Other Contractors

Teamwork is essential. Without it, success just not happen! New Frontiers Landscaping desires to build teamwork to an epic level. Each and every day is about delivering the best to our clients and continuing to build up teamwork in our own company.


In most companies, working with other contractors is taboo. Usually, you’re in competition with other local contractors, not trying to work alongside them. That could be what makes New Frontiers Landscaping just a little different. They’re making efforts to build relationships within their own company, plus local contractors that dabble in their trade.

Here is what teamwork looks like within our company

Focusing on the Strengths of People

Teamwork works better when people feel comfortable in their roles. When you focus on the strengths of your contractors, you may start to see teamwork a little differently. A person must feel strong in the role they’re working in.

So, if you’re trying to build teamwork within a company, make sure you’re focusing on the strengths of the people you’re working with.

Focusing on Communication

Let’s be honest, you cannot run a company without proper communication. Within New Frontiers Landscaping, we focus on communication. If the upper part of the company isn’t communicating with everyone else, nothing gets done.

The longer the company exists, the more communication is important. Sometimes a company that has been around for a while tend to slack off in the communication department, but that simply cannot happen here.

Celebrating Each Other’s Success

If you create an atmosphere in your company that is overly competitive, tension is born. If you create an atmosphere where you celebrate each other’s success, teamwork happens.

When you know you’ll be working with people who build you up, instead of tear you down, amazing things happen. Teamwork becomes a normal thing, which is what you want.

Working Towards a Common Goal

Another way teamwork is celebrated at New Frontiers is that we work towards a common goal. A common goal may be different each day.

For example, there is rain coming later, so let’s work together to get this done. Another day it could be “we’ve been working on this project forever, let’s work together and finish it up today.” When your team works toward a common goal, more work gets done and the finished project is taken to the next level.

As you can see, teamwork is important in any company, but especially our company. Teamwork promotes a positive atmosphere at the work site and helps to give our clients the very best end results. Hopefully, some of these tips can help your company develop teamwork that works!

What Teamwork Looks Like with Other Contractors

There may come a time in your business, where you need to work with other contractors. That happens a lot here at New Frontiers Landscaping.

We might need to hire a contractor to help us with a job, or there may be a contractor working alongside us on their own project. For us, we want to collaborate with the contractor, so the end result for our client is AMAZING. Here is what teamwork looks like with other contractors.

Collaborating with Other Contractors

When it comes down to it, teamwork is easier when you collaborate with each other. It’s always important to focus on the strength of people and companies. When you focus on the strengths, you’re able to create something amazing for customers.

Someday, instead of seeing each other as competitors, you can start seeing each other as collaborators. When this happens, a mutually beneficial relationship is born. All of this results in better service for customers and amazing results, project wise.

Sharing a Vision

It is safe to say that when you are trying to develop teamwork with other contractors, you should have a shared vision. Everyone needs to understand what their role and what the end goal is.

If everyone understands that the end goal isn’t to compete or impress one another, but to deliver great work to the client, then you are sharing a vision.

Working with another contractor also includes a lot of communication. Everyone needs to understand the project and know their respective roles. Once everyone knows this, you can focus on success, rather than failure. Plus, at the end of the day, all parties look good and re-hirable in the future.