How to Establish Good Skin Care Practices

One benefit of working out in the sun is that it provides you with a fantastic tan. Yet direct sun exposure on your skin everyday from damaging UV rays can have life changing results.

Not only can you get a painful sunburn, overtime your skin will begin to age and wrinkle far too quickly. In unfortunate cases, cancers such as melanoma begin to plague your skin. 

As many as 5 million Americans are treated for skin cancer each year, while in most of these cases being outdoor workers. Don’t become an unnecessary statistic. Here are some simple tips that can help you take better care of your skin while working outdoors in the sun.  

Wear Sunscreen

Make sure you buy sunscreen with water resistant broad spectrum protection of 30 SPF or higher. In this case, the more the better.

Be sure that you apply sunscreen on liberally, and follow the labels on the back. You need to cover your face, neck, arms and legs completely. Make sure that you reapply throughout the day, if you’re outside working all day.  

Wear Wide Brim Hats

Wear a wide brim hat of at least 3 inches wide, to ensure that your face and neck are covered. Also, wearing a flap on the back of your hat, will protect your neck if you bend over a lot. 

Wear Long Sleeved Shirts and Long Pants

While wearing long sleeve shirts and long pants is more uncomfortable than wearing shorts, consider being uncomfortable with an itching sunburn, or something far worse. Try and find clothing that is light, yet keeps out the sunlight from your skin.   

Wear Protective Sunglasses

Your eyes are very precious. Wearing sunglasses that keep the UV rays out of your eyes is another big one. You don’t want your eyes to have tissue damage. 

Work Around the Sun

For some workers, this is completely out of their hands, but if you have control when the work gets done, work around the sun.

Begin your work day early before it gets to the hottest part of the day and when the sun’s rays are at their most unforgiving.

Then work the afternoon hours when the sun is not directly overhead beating down on you.  

Find Some Shade 

If it’s at all possible, do your work in the shade of a tree, or a building. If you’re working in an area without provided shade, another great idea is to use an easy to move pop-up canopy. 

Enjoying Your Outdoor Space and Protecting Yourself from the Sun

Are you looking to enjoy your backyard space, but the sun can be a bit much? Create your own shade that will cut down on all that direct sunlight.

Plant Trees

Not only is planting trees a great form of shade, but also adds to your landscaping and is great for the environment. 

Outdoor Canopy

Like mentioned earlier, having a portable outdoor canopy for BBQ's and parties, is a great way to protect everyone from the sun and keeping them cooler.  

Use Umbrellas

Beautiful outdoor umbrellas can provide shade and color to your backyard. 


Pergolas are great to lounge under providing shade. Adding in a pergola on your patio will add a lot of character and potential to your yard. 

These are a few tips and ways for your skin to better survive the sun. What are other ways you can protect your skin while working outdoors? 

While you’re working out in the sun, you may not think of the issues that may arise later, from too much sun exposure. Use these tips to protect yourself from the sun.

If you’re one of our clients, consider having us build you an outdoor space that will not only protect you from the sun, but that will also wow your guests.