How to Have an Outdoor Space Designed That’s Sun Safe

Is your landscaping and outdoor living space amazing but you can’t enjoy it because of the sun beating down on you? It will be hard to throw a party that’s a success, if everyone is complaining about how hot it is.

Consider these great sources of shade to add to your backyard. They will protect you from the sun’s harmful rays, and cool off the temperature of your patio immensely.  

Plant Some Shade Trees

If your yard is lacking shade from the sun, the best solution is to go out and plant trees and large bushes to add character and spruce up your yard. You might be thinking that a young tree isn’t going to give you the benefit of needed shade, as soon as you would like. 

Most nurseries have trees that are already mature, but not too big that you can’t plant on your own. Red Maple, Cottonwood and Dawn Redwood are among some trees that grow as much as 1-2 feet per year while adding color, making them perfect candidates for your yard. 

Retractable Canopy or Colorful Awning

A retractable canopy or colorful awning can be a huge relief for your party on a hot afternoon. 

Build a Pergola

A pergola is a great source of shade and added comfort above your outdoor living space. If you still have too much sunlight coming through, consider adding custom shades that will make a significant difference and provide cooler temperatures.

Perennial Vines

Maybe you want to provide a different look to your pergola than custom shades? A beautiful option would be to plant perennial vines that add so much color and shade to your backyard. Creeping vines add a lot of green and shade, although you want to keep them away from your trees and home, so they don’t become an overwhelming nuisance.   

Shade Sail Pergola

If you’re looking for a low budget option for a pergola, you can buy a triangular shade sail pergolas that are cheap and still provide a great amount of shade to your yard. 

Decorated Patio Umbrellas

If you want to stick to the basics but still effective, Patio umbrellas over your patio furniture and patio table is an instant relief. There are so many colorful designs that will make your deck look amazing. There are also great large patio umbrellas that will cover most of your patio. 

These are a number of ways that you can have provided shade to your outdoor living space. If you’ve done something different to provide more shade to your yard, tell us about it.  

Would you like to hire us for your next project? We’d be happy to create an outdoor space for you that is also sun safe!