38 years and counting...

What does 38 years look like to a tree?  I suppose it depends on what kind of tree we’re asking.  A Staghorn Sumac may never make it to the 38 year mark. However, the White Oak may reply with “I’m just getting started!…”

Trees will change over the course of  nearly four decades. A sapling maple will fill out to provide ample and abundant shade.   A squatting blue spruce will stretch toward the sky with a statement of authority. A spindly oak will become the stately specimen tree that watches over a grand estate. None of these trees retain every attribute of their youth.

We can look at a business in the same way.  We all know of businesses that have come and gone over the last few years.  Yet, we also recall the organizations that seem to have always been around.  

New Frontiers Landscaping has aged much like the oak tree we planted in our youth.  It’s not that we tower over Indiana or spread our branches across the state of Michigan.  Instead, we are a company who has been blessed with the opportunities to grow just the right amount at just the right times.  

Personally, I’ve worked at New Frontiers for 20 of the 38 years it’s been in business!  I can look back at a lifetime’s worth of work and smile when I think about the awesome projects I’ve been a part of… as well as the awesome people I’ve had alongside me.  Co-workers who watched me grow up are now cheering me on as I raise children of my own! Bosses, past and present, have not only developed my leadership skills but have also become family, friends, and allies.  This really has been a great way to live this life.

38 years in business and New Frontiers is feeling more like an oak tree every day… We’re just getting started!  This growing season will definitely look different from the last. What is it that you should expect from us?  

That’s simple… Our roots will dig deeper as our shade stretches further.  Our trunk and branches will strengthen as we welcome the next season of change!



Quercus alba

Did you know…. the White Oak has an average lifespan of 300 years with the possibility of living up to 600 years old!